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Summary: How did Scully know that something had happened in those Oregon woods? July 18, 2000 Spoilers: mild ones for The Blessing Way, Christmas Carol, Elegy, All Souls Disclaimer: Not… Read more »

Captain, Colonel, Knight

Summary: Three dead men… Rating: PG Date: 30 Mar 2002 Title: Captain, Colonel, Knight Author: Shelba Email Addy: Spoilers: Avatar, The Gift, Dead Alive Keywords: Skinner/Doggett/Mulder Disclaimer: Sadly, not… Read more »

The Choice

The Choice 1: The Heart Desires by Shelba Feedback, yes please, to kits1013 @ AOL. com. Disclaimers: Not mine. Keywords: CSM, Pre XF, Mythology Archive: Yes. I’d be honored. I’d… Read more »

Crickets Are For Luck

Title: Crickets Are For Luck Author: Shelba ( Archive : Ephemeral, Gossamer, COX, OK Others, please let me know where it goes, and keep all headers and my name and… Read more »

Deep and Sharp Weather

Summary: “He sealed his hope inside a letter…” Date: Nov. 29, 2001 Title: Deep and Sharp Weather Author: Shelba Spoilers: None. Category: Near Future Fic. CC won’t tell us where… Read more »


Summary: A response to The Why Incision’s “Gray Talking Heads” thread. Rating: PG “Deliverance” by Shelba Category: FTF fill-in. (Is Oilean a category?) A response to The Why Incision’s “Gray… Read more »

Fate, Faith and Fortune

Summary: She wondered, if fate and death hadn’t intervened, would their truths have ever intersected?…A response to Robin’s “Fortune Cookie Challenge” Title: Fate, Faith and Fortune Author: Shelba A response… Read more »

First Things First

Summary: In his own mind, Mulder had vowed, for better or for worse, to always be there for Scully. This definitely qualified as “worse”. Rating: A little mud, a bit… Read more »

Gather Ye Rosebuds

Written in response to Sallie’s 155-word Valentine’s Day challenge on BTT….Hearts and flowers… “Gather Ye Rosebuds” Completed Feb,6 2005 by Shelba kits @ aol .com Spoilers. Uhm … not really…. Read more »

Gilligan Awakes

Summary: Post Triangle, “A survey of the room revealed no Scully, but her voice drifted in from the hall.” “Gilligan Awakes” by Shelba Feedback: Yes, please, at Kits1013 @… Read more »

Hide the Son

Summary: 155 Word BtS Challenge fic Author: Shelba Keywords : William, MA, AU, MSR implied Spoilers: William, then AU Disclaimer: His. Theirs. Not mine. Archive: BtS, BTT, Gossamer, Ephemeral. If… Read more »

Love Lies Hid

Summary: 155 Words…Post EP for Nothing Important Happened Today. Love Lies Hid By Shelba B. Disclaimer: Not mine. Borrowed. Given back. Post EP. Nothing Important Happened Today. Archive: IWTB, Gossamer…. Read more »

Man of Her Dreams

Summary: She wondered who he was; why he frequented her dreams. a Pre-XF story. The Man of her Dreams by Shelba — Category: Vignette, PreXF Archive: Yes. As you… Read more »

Moonlight & Memory

Rating: R for adult theme of a same-sex relationship. Krycek/Mulder story in the Second Grace Universe…Diverts from canon timeline after Requiem. No Dead!Mulder. Date: 25 Jul 2002 06:42:13 GMT Keywords:… Read more »


A (sort-of) voyeur fic, written for the Fandominium Voyeur fic challenge. Features Mulder, William, Reyes and the Gunmen Feedback, Yes! Send to Kits1013 @ aol. com Archive: Ephemeral, Gossamer; the… Read more »

Siren Song

a 155 word sequel to “The Weight of Secrets.” Title: 155 word “Siren Song” Author: Shelba B. E-mail: or Category: Scullyfic Challenge– Scully in 155 words. Archive: Scullyfic,… Read more »

Sweet Home Forever

Rating: NC-17. Shoo, kids. Summary: I want to hold her tightly; so tightly, that nothing can separate us again. Title: Sweet Home Forever Author: Shelba E-mail: Jul 17 2002… Read more »

The Weight of Secrets

Summary: 155 Words…Post EP for Nothing Important Happened Today. By Shelba B. E-mail: or Disclaimer: Not mine. Borrowed. Spoilers: Season 9 Post EP. Nothing Important Happened Today. Archive:… Read more »