Hide the Son

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Summary: 155 Word BtS Challenge fic

Author: Shelba
Keywords : William, MA, AU, MSR implied
Spoilers: William, then AU
Disclaimer: His. Theirs. Not mine.
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Hide the Son

Purple and orange clouds swirl around a bloody sun. His eyes burn. He feels dry and dusty as the burning desert, as bereft as the skeletons polished by the sand.

His cell phone died hours ago, its insistent chirping ignored, its recharger discarded at his last motel. He will toss it soon, he doesn’t dare keep this last memento of his former life, this last connection to her.

His new life requires disposable phones, disposable ID’s, nondescript rooms.

Soon, kidnapping will join his litany of sins. No one will blame the ghost he’s become. He will grieve for the adoptive parents, but he will regain his stolen child.

Their tickets are tucked into his jacket, close at hand, close to his heart. No one will question the bereaved American returning to his English alma mater with his child.

Perhaps, someday, his secret will become unbearable. Perhaps someday things may change. Perhaps someday Scully can know.


This was written for the Beyond the Sea 155 word challenge except I seemed to have missed the original post! Instead of “mirror” I used Tali’s elements:
“A secret” “Orange” and “Phone ringing.”
I’m sorry, this isn’t Sallie-safe – this is what the Angst-Ho Muses demanded.
Thank you to Circe for giving my fic a home. Thanks to Carol for the quick once over. Any errors are mine, since I fiddled with it after it left her capable hands. It’s who I am.