Siren Song

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a 155 word sequel to “The Weight of Secrets.”

Title: 155 word “Siren Song”
Author: Shelba B.
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Sequel to “The Weight of Secrets.”

A haunting mermaid mid the swell
And rapture of that summer sea…
by Edward A. U. Valentine

It’s the deep, still dark, right before dawn, when I slip out of my room and seek out the water’s edge. Starfish and driftwood tumble in blue-black waves that push ships to harbor and toss conch shells onto the sandy shore.

Years ago, Missy and I hunted the curved shells with their ocean voices and dreamt we were mermaids calling our lovers home from the sea.

The sand is slick and cool underfoot and the air’s salty tang invokes the memory of your skin’s taste.

The stars wink out and dawn arrives, gray and silent, till the pink and gold sun rises from the ocean, bringing warmth and life.

At Mom’s house, Will is probably awake by now, charming his grandma and filling the gray Baltimore morning with his own light and sounds.

My dawns have been gray for a long time, and it’s been too long since I tasted your skin.

Today, Mulder, I call you home.


Thanks for reading! Please keep intact with headers and end notes. Char, thank you for looking it over. Poetry excerpt: “The Spirit of the Wheat” by Edward A. U. Valentine