The Weight of Secrets

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Summary: 155 Words…Post EP for Nothing Important Happened Today.

By Shelba B.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Borrowed.
Spoilers: Season 9
Post EP. Nothing Important Happened Today.
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Sequel to “Siren Song.”

If truth in hearts that perish
Could move the powers on high,
I think the love I bear you
Should make you not to die. –AE Houseman

He steps to the bassinet and scoops William from his nest. Cradling his son closely, he nuzzles his downy cheek, breathing him in.

For a moment, Mulder drowns in the possibilities shining behind his son’s eyes.

“It’s time?” Scully’s gentle hands take his son.

“I love him so much. You’ll tell him?”

“Every day, Mulder. Until you’re back to tell him yourself.”

“And if I can’t be?” Words crack in his throat, “Promise you won’t wait.”

“You’ll be back,” her eyes widen, “you will.”

“Yes,” he whispers, but thinks of the bargain he struck. //Better the father, than the son…//


“Promise,” he whispers against the protest on her lips. “Please.”

Confusion darkens her eyes.

His heart cracks under the weight of secrets kept.

He kisses their cross. Her faith. His belief. Their hope.


Poetry Excerpt: “If truth in hearts that perish” by A. E. Housman