Three Hours to Forever

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155 Word BtS Challenge fic and DPP

Author : Shelba
Keywords : William, AU, MSR
Spoilers: William, then AU
Sallie Safe Sequel to “Hiding the Son.”
Disclaimer: His. Theirs. Not mine.
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Three hours, fifty minutes.

His hands tremble. The ancient clock stutters. Time stumbles. The dark eyed man in the wavy mirror blinks bright, hopeful eyes.

Two hours, twenty-nine minutes.

He’s clean, but doesn’t remember showering.

Soft coos echo down the dark wood stair. William’s chestnut head presses against his nanny’s shoulder; tiny fingers curl in her soft white hair.

The boy focuses on Mrs. Henry’s words. Clean damp hair shines, one tiny Scullyesque brow arches, one finger serves as teething ring.

One hour, forty-four minutes.

He’s surprised to find himself dressed. The car keys itch his palm.

Forty-five minutes. Mulder’s hands tremble. Mrs. Henry gently buckles Will’s car-seat.

“…and ye’d best be good for your Papa. Ye mustn’t act a hooligan; your mum will think I haven’t taught ye to be a gentleman.”

Twenty minutes.

He buys red roses.

Five minutes.

The plane lands. Hazel eyes catch blue ones. She smiles. Time restarts. Forever begins.


This was written for the Beyond the Sea 155 word challenge. This one actually uses “mirror”. Un-betaed. All errors are mine. Thank you to Circe for giving my fic a home and to Tonian for a safe fic place.